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"Stella is doing better and it's all thanks to you and your knowledge... she has grown to love us"
- Meghanne C.


"Alecia  is extremly knowledgable and is excellent at training not only the dogs, but the humans! Alecia is extremly professional, timely, patient and respectful. Not only is she a great dog trainer, she is also great interacting with adults and children while dog training, making everyone feel involved and confidant."
- Tami S.

Rascal & Scooter

"I cannot tell you how much I loved your training classes. It not only has taught my dogs manners, but given them so much confidence. It’s been wonderful to watch them think! I love all the compliments my dogs receive when I take them out to public places such as the dog park. Thank you!"
- Jenna M.


" We have experienced an awesome change in our cat's lives. It has been hard work, but totally worth it. Our cats are doing much better. I'm learning so much about that. I'm super grateful of having Alecia in our lives."
-Angie G.


"Alecia did a great job of setting expectations and guiding us through the basics... Her knowledge coupled with amazing patience is such a gift."
- Maria L.


"Alecia is wonderful with our small dog and four children. I have been impressed with her professionalism and ability to work with such a large family."
- Patricia R.


"Alecia is the best! You can tell immediately that she knows what she is doing and continues to impress us every session. She is also so flexible and has been working with us in every way. I would recommend her to anyone."
- Emily D.


"Catherine’s demeanor has changed so dramatically in the months following your visits.  It has been a weight off our shoulders to know she is relaxed and feels at home with us.  Willow’s constant attacking has completely diminished and we feel our two cats are finally getting along.  We even get some sneak peeks of them grooming each other! We never thought that was possible...We are starting to finally read what our cats have been telling us!"
-George A.


"Alecia showed incredible patience with our Honey. She is a thorough trainer, she didn't  give up on any of the struggles of bad behaviors and taught us patience so we could work towards better behaviors."
- Eric R.


"Alecia is very patient and knowledgeable trainer for cats. We had a different situation and she did an excellent job at evaluating our home experience, our family members and how our cat and the issues she was having played into that. Her comments and recommendations were spot on and we wouldn't have solved our issues if it weren't for her! We weren't sure what we could expect and received more than we thought! She has a vast knowledge of cat behavior as well as people behavior! I would highly recommend this process!"
- Molly S.